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by Nov 8, 2019Marketing & Sales

The M-L-S Olympic medals for the top listing athletes have now been announced, based on results reported by the National Association of Realtors! The bronze medal winner is the Yard Sign! ¬†A modest nine percent of buyers bought their home after seeing a yard sign. The silver medal winner is the Buyer’s Realtor! An impressive thirty-three percent of buyers purchased a property that their Realtor showed them in the M-L-S.

And, the gold medal goes to Real Estate Websites! A whopping forty-four percent of buyers discovered the property that they chose to buy because the M-L-S pushed the property to well-known sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor dot com, Homes dot com, Listing Hook and hundreds of others.

Congratulations to these three, top place winners for capturing eighty-six percent of all buyers shopping for property. And, a very special thanks to the Multiple Listing Service, whose platform is directly responsible for seventy-seven percent of properties found and sold.

Now that you know the winners, learn how Broker Model takes your listing to the next level.

Your listing is rapidly seen by eighty-six percent of all buyers looking to buy right now, because each of the top three winners belong to the Broker Model listing team that is led by advanced technology experts who have made upgrades to increase the demand for your property and maximize your offers.

A high definition, panoramic, 3-D scanner will create a virtual showcase that guides buyers into your twenty-four hour online open house, as if they are really there. Your online open house is accessed from any device, around the clock, using an optimized design that increases buyer demand to make an immediate offer.

Your yard sign is modernized with a dedicated phone number, ready to receive text messages from buyers, that automatically replies to them with a direct link to your twenty-four hour online open house that can be shared on popular social networks. This puts your property in the best position to be seen by the greatest number of buyers.

Each time a buyer visits your custom property listing or online open house, we feed their computer a cookie of code and send out our cookie monster to chase them around the internet and bring them back until you accept the best offer.

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